What's Your Sign ?

Astrology is a very old and widespread art. Astrology has been practiced by, among others, the Babylonians, Chinese, Egyptians, Greco-Roman and ancient Mayans. Almost every newspaper in the Western world carries an astrology column, even if it's on the page with the comics. Many people, including former first lady Nancy Reagan regularly consult professional astrologers for many kinds of important advice. It is our contention, however, that astrology not only does not work but cannot work. If you are one of the millions of people who believe in the powers of astrology then we hope that you'll read on, because we'd like to change your mind.

The first problem with astrology that we would like to bring to your attention can be summed up in one word: non-geocentricism. This big, three dollar word means that the Earth is not the center of the Universe. Yet, for astrology to be true, the Earth must not only be the center of the Universe but flat as well. You see the people, in all the early cultures, who invented astrology would look up at the night sky and very clearly see the moon, stars and planets rise over the edge of the Earth. It was obvious to them that the earth was standing still and everything else in the Universe, including the sun was in motion. Thus, as they saw the wonderful constellations spinning through the night sky and the moon waxing and waning, these early astronomers came to the totally false, but understandable, conclusion that the stars were really gods, who could affect life here below. These ancient astronomers bolstered their claim that the stars were gods by showing that different stars always appeared at the same time of the year. Predictions could be made about when to plant crops or when summer began by mapping the stars. It should be stated that we have no problem with using the stars as a calendar; as Christians we believe that why God put them there.

However, astronomical events, with the exception of a meteor or comet striking the Earth cannot, and do not, effect or influence our lives. We can know this fact to be true not only because the Bible says so but because our more exact modern science tells us so. We know today that the Universe is not "Geocentric." We also know that the Earth is neither standing still or flat. We know that there are more than the five planets the ancients could see. ( Uranus, Neptune and Pluto cannot be seen without a telescope and Earth was not considered to be a planet.) We know that the star constellations are not gods but rather chance groupings of suns similar to our own. Yet, for astrology to be true the Earth would have to be standing still while the rest of the Universe whirled around us to create the various changes in constellations. Indeed, as the cultures who created Astrology were all in the northern hemisphere, any one living below the equator is left out of the astrological picture.

What if you moved to another planet? Suppose in the next 50 years it becomes possible to move to the Moon or to Mars. How could astrology account for the lack of the Moon or Mars and the addition of Earth? It can't because astrology is Geocentric in nature.

These problems are important to those who would believe in astrology tables because they show that unlike Christianity, astrology is not a universal system. Astrology is bound by location and time. It depends upon ignorance of the true nature of Universe and faulty observation to construct its system. Astrology, quite simply, can't work. Any predictions by astrology about the course of personal or corporate human history which come true are, in reality, only a coincidence.

The second area where astrology can easily be shown to be false is that the actual predictions made by astrologers for people are wrong. For example, if you take a historical event such as the battle of the Battle of the Somme in World War One where thousands of men died with in minutes of each other. Their birthdays, as evidenced by their gravestones, are distributed evenly between all months over a period of years. For astrology to be valid all of these men would have to have had the same birthday. They didn't.

In fact, Astrologers can NEVER, when tested, provide results higher than which could have been achieved by random chance. Astrology, simply can provide no evidence that it works period.

Lastly, astrology, makes no provision for changing your sign. Yet, Christians believe that we can, and have, changed our sign. The Bible says that we are all born under the sign of sin. But, through the atoning work of Jesus we are now under the sign of the cross. This sign isn't found in the sky but in our hearts. It is our hope that you too would find yourself reborn under this sign.

By Phil with A.C.C.C.F.

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False prediction: Indian astrolers Uttara Choudhury (Oct 29, 2004 Agence France-Presse), Lachhman Das Madan, head of the Astorlogy Study and Research Institute,Abha Bansal, edtior of Future Samachar, and Gopi Krishna of New Delhi all predicted that John Kerry would defeat Bush. Christian News Nov. 22, 2004 p.3.