The Ticket - Why does the punishment have to fit the crime?

What do you do when you here someone knocking on the door? You look to see who it is. If you can't find the person who was knocking, you don't say "Well, I guess nothing caused the noise I heard, it must have just happened without a cause." Why? Because you know instinctively that, something can't come from nothing and everything that has a beginning has a cause. This is the reason that makes CSI so cool. When the team investigates a body found in a ditch, they start making a list of all the possibilities. You never see "no cause" as an option. If no cause was an option, no one would ever be found guilty in court because you could never be reasonably sure that someone was a murderer.

What if we applied this to the universe? It is widely accepted that the universe began in the past at a certain point in time. The universe has not been around for an infinite amount of time. To make the physics simple, the Second Law of Thermodynamics says that everything is moving toward chaos. This means entropy (degree of disorder) can only decrease in a spot if it increases somewhere else by a greater amount.

Everything that has a beginning has a cause, the universe had a beginning, so the universe must have a cause. That cause must be outside of space and time because the cause created space and time. The only reasonable explanation is God. Something CANNOT come from nothing. But what about God? Why doesn't He have a cause? The answer is in the first three words. "Everything that begins..." Since God is outside of time because He created it, there was never a point where he began so He was not caused.

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