Athanasius Taught

May 6, 2023 version

Italicized was taught only before Nicea. Athanasius taught 608 out of 1,170 teachings.


Sc1. Study or obey God's Word as an authority
Sc2. Old Testament has God’s words; study it
Sc3. New Testament has God’s words; study it

Sc4. Scripture is called the word of God
Sc5. Divine Scripture
Sc6. Scripture is holy / sacred

Sc7. We are to believe Scripture
Sc8. We can understand Scripture
Sc9. Meditate on God’s word/commands
Sc10. Search the Scriptures
Sc11. Scripture or its writers were inspired

Sc12. ? Canon [of Scripture/truth/the church]
Sc13. Dual meaning of some prophecies
Sc14. Unbelievers don’t understand OT/scripture
Sc15. Veil on many when read Moses/OT
Sc16. Some parts of the Bible are allegorical

Sc17. Lion both good and bad in scripture
Sc18. Don’t twist/corrupt meaning of scripture

Sc19. Acknowledge Bible textual variants
Sc20. Some corrupted [copies of] scripture


Ont1. The Law was excellent or good
Ont2. ? The Law is/was spiritual
Ont3. Law a shadow of gospel/things to come
Ont4. Jesus superseded some Old Test. laws

Ont5. Scripture/law/prophets was fulfilled
Ont6. The prophets were until John
Ont7. The O.T. said the Messiah had to suffer/die
Ont8. Old Testament has types of Christ

Ont9. Melchizedek was a type of Christ
Ont10. Joshua was a type of Christ
Ont11. Old and/or New Covenant


OTc1. The Law and the prophets
OTc2. Genesis is scripture
OTc3. Exodus is scripture or God says
OTc4. Leviticus is scripture or God says
OTc5. Numbers is scripture or God says
OTc6. Deuteronomy is scripture or God says
OTc7. Joshua is scripture or the Lord says
OTc8. 1 or 2 Samuel is scripture or God says
OTc9. Reference to 1 or 2 Kings as Kings
OTc23. Reference to 1 or 2 Chr. as Chronicles

OTc11. Job is scripture or the Lord says
OTc12. Psalms are scripture or God/Spirit spoke
OTc13. Proverbs are scripture or Lord says
OTc14. Isaiah is scripture or Lord/Spirit says
OTc15. Jeremiah is scripture or the Lord says
OTc16. Ezekiel is scripture or the Lord says
OTc17. Daniel is scripture or God showed
OTc18. Hosea is scripture or God/the Word says
OTc19. Joel is scripture or God says

OTc20. Amos is scripture or God says
OTc21. Micah is scripture
OTc22. Habakkuk is scripture or God says

OTc23. Zechariah is scripture or God says
OTc24. Malachi is scripture or God/Spirit says
OTc25. The Twelve [Minor Prophets]
OTc26. Use of the term "Old Testament"
OTc27. The Old Testament is scripture

OTc28. The Ten Commandments / Decalogue


NTc1. Matthew is scripture
NTc2. Mark is scripture or God says
NTc3. Luke is scripture or God says
NTc4. John is scripture
NTc5. Acts is scripture
NTc6. Paul's letters are authoritative
NTc7. Romans is scripture
NTc8. 1 Corinthians is scripture
NTc9. 2 Corinthians is scripture
NTc10. Galatians is scripture
NTc11. Ephesians is scripture
NTc12. Philippians is scripture
NTc13. Colossians is scripture
NTc14. 1 Thessalonians is scripture
NTc15. 1 Timothy is scripture
NTc16. 2 Timothy is scripture
NTc17. Titus is scripture
NTc18. Revelation is scripture or Lord says
NTc19. Using the term "New Testament"
NTc20. The "New Testament" is Scripture


OTa1. OT has writing in Hebrew

OTa2. Moses wrote the Law [Pentateuch]
OTa3. Moses wrote Genesis

OTa4. Moses wrote Exodus
OTa5. Moses wrote Leviticus
OTa6. Moses wrote Numbers

OTa7. Moses wrote Deuteronomy
OTa8. David a writer of Psalms
OTa9. Solomon a writer of Proverbs

OTa10. Solomon wrote Ecclesiastes
OTa11. Isaiah wrote or said Isaiah
OTa12. Jeremiah wrote or said Jeremiah
OTa13. Ezekiel is by Ezekiel
OTa14. Daniel spoke or wrote Daniel

OTa15. Hosea wrote or spoke Hosea
OTa16. Joel wrote Joel

OTa17. Amos wrote Amos
OTa18. Micah wrote or said Micah
OTa19. Habakkuk wrote Habakkuk
OTa20. Zephaniah is by Zephaniah/Sophonias
OTa21. Zechariah wrote Zechariah
OTa22. Malachi wrote Malachi


NTa1. At least 1 NT word originally in Greek
NTa2. Matthew wrote the Gospel of Matthew
NTa3. Mark wrote the Gospel of Mark
NTa4. Luke wrote the Gospel of Luke
NTa5. John wrote the Gospel of John
NTa6. Luke wrote Acts
NTa7. Paul wrote Romans
NTa8. Paul wrote 1 Corinthians
NTa9. Paul wrote 2 Corinthians
NTa10. Paul wrote Galatians
NTa11. Paul wrote Ephesians
NTa12. Paul wrote Philippians
NTa13. Paul wrote Colossians
NTa14. Paul wrote 1 Thessalonians
NTa15. Paul wrote 2 Thessalonians
NTa16. Paul wrote 1 Timothy
NTa17. Paul wrote a 2nd letter to Timothy
NTa18. Paul wrote Titus
NTa19. Peter wrote 1 Peter
NTa20. John wrote 1 John
NTa21. Jude wrote Jude
NTa22. The evangelists [gospel writers]


Mp1. The Old Test. prophesied about Jesus
Mp2. Genesis 49:10 prophesies of Christ
Mp3. Deuteronomy 18:15 prophesies of Christ
Mp4. Psalm 2 prophesies of Christ
Mp5. Psalm 22 prophesies of Christ
Mp6. Psalm 45 prophesies of Christ
Mp7. Psalm 110:1-2 can only refer to Christ
Mp8. Isaiah 7:14 prophesies of Christ
Mp9. Isaiah 9:9 prophesies of Christ
Mp10. Isaiah 11 prophesies of Christ
Mp11. Isaiah 62:1-2 prophesies of Christ
Mp12. Isaiah 53 prophesies of Christ
Mp13. Isaiah 65:1-2 prophesies of Christ
Mp14. Jeremiah 11:19 prophesies of Christ
Mp15. Daniels' 70 weeks messianic prophecy
Mp16. ? Joel 2:28 prophesies of Christ
Mp17. Micah prophesies of Christ
Mp18. Zechariah 9:9 prophesies of Christ
Mp19. Zechariah 12:10-12 prophesies of Christ
Mp20. Mal 3:1-2 prophesies of Christ
Mp21. Psalm 16:8-11 prophesies of Christ
Mp22. Isaiah 11 prophesies of Christ


G1. There is only One True God
G2. Living God
G3. God / Jesus before birth was incorporeal
G4. God is holy, good, or pure
G5. God does not speak lies / is Truth
G6. God is a Father
G7. The Trinity: one God in three 'Persons'
G8. God is the Father of all [things]
G9. The Father/God is perfect
G10. Sun / beam / ray analogy of the Trinity
G11. Majesty or glory of God

X G12. God is a jealous God
G13. Genesis 1:26 refers to Father and Son
G14. God is Light
G15. God of Jesus/Christ
G16. God's Holy Name
G17. The Godhead
G18. God is a consuming fire
G19. God is blessed
G20. God is Spirit

G21. Fragrance of Heaven/God/Christ/Holy Spirit
G22. God is not in everything; pantheism is wrong
G23. God fills heaven and earth


Ge1. God is everywhere
Ge2. God is almighty (omnipotent)
Ge3. God is sovereign / God's sovereignty
Ge4. Most High God

Ge5. God is above all
Ge6. God or His power is incomparable
Ge7. God does not change / is unchangeable
Ge8. God is uncreated
Ge9. God is eternal
Ge10. God had no beginning / was unoriginated
Ge11. God is incorruptible

Ge12. God is the Ancient of Days
Ge13. God / Jesus is immortal

Ge14. God is inscrutable / unsearchable
Ge15. God knows all / even the secret things

Ge16. God is all-seeing
Ge17. God is invisible
Ge18. God is Lord of heaven and earth

Ge19. Calling God "I Am"


Gi1. God is worthy
Gi2. God needs nothing from us

Gi3. God is just / not unjust
Gi4. God will judge/reward people's secrets
Gi5. God punishes

Gi6. God is not mocked
Gi7. God sends evildoers delusion(s)
Gi8. God can be offended
Gi9. God is merciful
Gi10. God wants repentance not sinner's death

Gi11. God / Christ is heals /is healer
Gi12. God is our protector
Gi13. God is our refuge
Gi14. God is our deliverer
Gi15. God/Christ rejoices over us
Gi16. Calling God Abba Father
Gi17. God of Abraham
Gi18. God of Isaac
Gi19. The God of Jacob

Gi20. God of Israel
Gi21. God is patient or long-suffering
Gi22. God is compassionate
Gi23. God loves us or is kind
Gi24. God avenges
Gi25. Christians & Jews worship same God

Gi26. Abraham's [three] visitors
Gi27. The Lord / God is faithful / trustworthy
Gi28. the Creator is Our / the True God

Gi29. God is the Lawgiver

Gi30. God has numbered the hairs on your head
Gi31. The Holy One of Israel
Gi32. God of the living
Gi33. God resists the proud
Gi34. God is generous
Gi35. ?All nations blessed throgh Abraham
Gi36. In God we live adn move adn have our being


T1. Jesus is the Son of God
T2. Jesus is the Only Begotten Son of God
T3. The Deity of Jesus our Lord
T4. Jesus is the Word of God
T5. The Son existed from ages past
T6. All things were created through Christ / the Son of God
T7. Jesus obedient or subject to the Father
T8. Worship, praise, or glorify Jesus
T9. Inseparable/Father in Son or Son in Father
T10. Christ at right hand of God/the Father
T11. No one knows the Father except the Son & those revealed
T12. Father and Son are distinct
T13. The Word was distinct from the Father at Creation
T14. Son in the bosom of the Father
T15. An Equality of the Father and Son
T16. God the Son
T17. Specifically "Jesus" is the Only-Begotten / Son / Word / Son of man
T18. Specifically "Jesus Christ" is the Only-Begotten / Son
T19. Specifically "Christ" is the Only-Begotten / Son / Son of man
T20. Specifically the Son is God

T21. The head of Christ is God
T22. Christ had the Spirit of wisdom and understanding
T23. Jesus and the Father are One
T24. Jesus [Ad]ministered His Father's will

T25. Jesus anointed with the oil of gladness/joy
T26. Jesus call the Son before coming to earth


Jb1. Virgin birth of Christ
Jb2. Incarnation of the Word/Jesus
Jb3. Christ emptied Himself
Jb4. Jesus took the form of a servant
Jb5. Word was made/became flesh
Jb6. Jesus humbled Himself
Jb7. Jesus Christ was a real, sinless man
Jb8. Jesus of the tribe of Judah

Jb9. Jesus was born in Bethlehem
Jb10. Jesus brought up by Joseph
Jb11. Jesus' earthly father was a carpenter
Jb12. Jesus [and His family] went to Egypt

Jb13. Jesus from Galilee
Jb14. Jesus on earth was plain-looking
Jb15. Christ/Logos/Son was obedient

Jb16. Jesus was baptized
Jb17. Jesus fasted for 40 days
Jb18. Jesus hungered


Jm1. Jesus went to Capernaum
Jm2. Jesus found/called Nathanael
Jm3. Jesus ministered in Galilee
Jm4. Jesus calling the Twelve
Jm5. Jesus went through Samaria/Samaritan woman
Jm6. Jesus said to destroy this temple in 3 days'
Jm7. Jesus' answer to John
Jm8. The Transfiguration
Jm9. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey
Jm10. Jesus drove out the money-changers
Jm11. Jesus was questioned
Jm12. Last Supper
Jm13. Jesus prayed that this cup would pass
Jm14. Jesus arrested / seized
Jm15. Jesus washed His disciples' feet
Jm16. Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss


Jp1. Some despised Christ
Jp2. Jesus was mocked

Jp3. Jesus was crucified or died on the cross
Jp4. Cross's shape or outstretched arms
Jp5. Jesus was hung on a tree [the cross]
Jp6. The wood of the cross
Jp7. Sign of the cross

Jp8. Calling the crucifixion the Passion

Jp9. Christ's crown of thorns
Jp10. Jesus was beaten/scourged/whipped

Jp11. They cast lots for Jesus' clothes
Jp12. Jesus given vinegar and gall to drink
Jp13. Thief/robber on the cross in Paradise
Jp14. Jesus asked why God had forsaken Him
Jp15. Darkness or earthquake at Jesus' death
Jp16. Veil of the Temple torn when Jesus died

Jp17. Jesus' bones were not broken
Jp18. Jesus rose from the dead
Jp19. Jesus rose on/in three days

Jp20. Jesus ascended to heaven


t1. Jesus is the/our Lord
t2. King of Kings and/or Lord of Lords
t3. Jesus is the Alpha and Omega
t4. Jesus is the Door or Gate
t5. Christ is the Image of God
t6. Jesus is the/our Rock/Stone/Cornerstone
t7. Jesus is the Light or Light of Light
t8. Jesus is our Shepherd
t9. Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God

t10. Jesus is a Lion / as a lion's whelp
t11. Son/Jesus was/was begotten before the morning star
t12. Jesus/cross the wisdom & power of God
t13. Christ is the Holy One of God
t14. Jesus / the Son is the Logos
t15. [Christ] the King/Lord of glory


i1. Jesus is the first-born (not just of Mary)
i2. Christ is the Second/Last Adam
i3. Jesus called Emmanuel (God with us)
i4. Jesus is our High Priest
i5. Jesus is our Physician/Doctor
i6. Jesus is the Way
i7. Jesus is the Truth

i8. Jesus is our/the Life
i9. Jesus is the Bread or Bread of Life
i10. Jesus is the Vine
i11. Jesus is the Messiah

i12. Jesus a star rising out of Jacob
i13. Christ is of the root of Jesse

i14. Jesus is the descendent/seed of David
i15. Jesus of Nazareth
i16. Jesus is the first fruits

i17. Jesus is a son of Abraham
i18. The sign of Jonah refers to Jesus
i19. Christ is the/our Bridegroom


p1. Jesus sent by the Father
p2. Jesus saved us/is our Savior
p3. Jesus was tempted
p4. Jesus came to suffer [for us]

p5. Christ is the end/fulfillment of the law
p6. Jesus/Son of man is Lord of the Sabbath
p7. Jesus is our Redeemer / redeemed us

p8. Christ finished His work
p9. Jesus forgives us / remits sins
p10. Jesus: the/One Mediator (between God & man)
p11. Jesus bore our sins/infirmities
p12. Jesus bore the curse for us
p13. Christ suffered shame/disgrace
p14. Jesus was a ransom

p15. Christ reconciled us
p16. Christ overcame/triumphed
p17. Grace and truth by Jesus Christ
p18. Jesus revealed the Father to us

p19. Jesus the Paschal Lamb

p20. Jesus baptized with the Holy Spirit & fire
p21. Jesus provided purification

p22. Jesus gives us living water
p23. Jesus came to save the lost

p24. Jesus/Christ rescued us
p25. Do the will of the One who sent Him
p26. In 1 Jn 2:1 Jesus is our sins' propitiation

p27. The Son / Jesus gives life
p28. Jesus called sinners to repentance
p29. Jesus came to save His people from their sins


H1. Mention of the Holy Spirit
H2. The Holy Spirit is God
H2. The Holy Spirit is God
H3. The Divine Spirit
H4. Holy Spirit addressed as "He"
H5. Person of the Holy Spirit
H6. Glorify/worship the Holy Spirit

H7. The Holy Spirit is everywhere
H8. The Holy Spirit is distinct
H9. Holy Spirit called Spirit of truth

H10. Sevenfold spirit or seven spirits
H11. The Holy Spirit known in the OT
H12. The Holy Spirit/Comforter was promised
H13. Father sent the Holy Spirit
H14. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit
H15. Paraclete or Holy Spirit already present

H16. Spirit was poured out on believers
H17. Holy Spirit dwells/lives in us
H18. Live in the Spirit
H19. We can grieve the Holy Spirit

H17. Spirit was poured out on believers
H20. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit


Hw1. The Power of the Holy Spirit
Hw2. God's Spirit moved over the abyss/waters
Hw3. The Holy Spirit spoke Scripture
Hw4. Sword of the Spirit is the word of God
Hw5. Christ born of Mary by the Holy Spirit

Hw6. Holy Spirit appeared as a dove
Hw7. Holy Spirit came down at Pentecost
Hw8. Holy Spirit gives gifts
Hw9. The Holy Spirit is a gift

Hw10. Fruit of the Spirit

Hw11. Baptized/washed with the Holy Spirit
Hw12. The Holy Spirit seals believers

Hw13. Filled with the Holy Spirit
Hw14. The Holy Spirit directs
Hw15. Holy Spirit taught us
Hw16. The Holy Spirit gives knowledge
Hw17. Spirit gives us guidance/understanding
Hw18. The Comforter/Holy Spirit comforts us
Hw19. Disciples received the Holy Spirit

Hw20. The Holy Spirit witnesses
Hw21. Under trial the SPirit gives us words to say


Wgn1. God made all things in heaven and earth

Wgn2. Heaven and earth were created good
Wgn3. God created things from nothing
Wgn4. Six days of Creation

Wgn5. God blessed the Seventh Day
Wgn6. God imparted the breath of life
Wgn7. Garden of Eden

Wgn8. Four rivers leaving the Garden of Eden
Wgn9. Tree of knowledge

Wgn10. Eve from Adam's rib
Wgn11. Enoch was translated without dying

Wgn12. Noah's ark
Wgn13. Judgment of Noah's flood / deluge

Wgn14. God confused/altered the languages
Wgn15. Scattering after the Tower of Babel
Wgn16. Abraham's seed like the stars of heaven
Wgn17. Judgment against Sodom or Gomorrah

Wgn18. Lot's wife a pillar of salt
Wgn19. Jacob's ladder
Wgn20. Jacob wrestled with God/an angel
Wgn21. ? The seventh day is holy / sanctified


Wot1. God's appearances in the Old Testament
Wot2. The earth is God's footstool
Wot3. God sends the rain on everyone
Wot4. The burning bush of Moses

Wot5. Plagues of Egypt
Wot6. The firstborn of Egypt perished
Wot7. Cloud and/or pillar of fire
Wot8. Crossing the Red Sea

Wot9. Water from the rock
Wot10. [Moses] battling the Amalekites
Wot11. Manna
Wot12. Ark [of the Covenant]

Wot13. Bronze/brazen serpent in the wilderness
Wot14. Hezekiah and the Assyrian army

Wot15. Elisha did miracle(s)
Wot16. Christ with the 3 youths in Daniel

Wot17. Daniel in the lion's den
Wot18. Joshua [Jesus son of Nun] crossed the Jordan
Wot19. ? Joshua's long day [sun stood still]
Wot20. ? Moses’ face shown [with glory]


Wnt1. Zechariah was made mute [temporarily]
Wnt2. The star [of Bethlehem]

Wnt3. Jesus performed miracles
Wnt4. Jesus at Cana or turning water to wine

Wnt5. Jesus calmed the storm
Wnt6. Jesus fed the 5,000

Wnt7. Jesus walked on water/waves/deep
Wnt8. Jesus healed a leper
Wnt9. Jesus healed the paralytic
Wnt10. Healing the flow of blood

Wnt11. Raising the widow's son

Wnt12. Raising Lazarus from the dead
Wnt13. The apostle(s) worked miracles
Wnt14. Ananias or Sapphira killed
Wnt15. Jesus healed the blind


Pe1. People are made in the image of God
Pe2. Our bodies die but our souls are immortal

Pe3. People were made from dust

Pe4. Our bodies will return to dust
Pe5. People are like clay
Pe6. Soul shares body's pain and feelings
Pe7. People have the will to choose
Pe8. We should tremble at God's Word
Pe9. Do not trust in man
Pe10. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
Pe11. Don't gain the whole world to lose soul
Pe12. Positive mention of non-Biblical Jews

Pe13. Even the elect can be deceived.
Pe14. We are God's workmanship
Pe15. People were given dominion over the earth


Si1. Man fell when Adam and Eve ate the fruit

Si2. Adam & Eve covered themselves for shame
Si3. We have or inherited a sinful nature
Si4. All have sinned

Si5. Those who sin are sin's servants/slaves
Si6. People have guilt
Si7. Reason/understanding was darkened
Si8. People are corrupted / corruptible

Si9. People are hardened
Si10. Idolators/sinners are shameful
Si11. The sinful provoke God

Si12. We were dead in sin

Si13. The conscience of some is seared
Si14. Hardness of people's hearts
Si15. Works of the flesh / sinful nature
Si16. Ezekiel 18 referring to an individual
Si17. World's wisdom is foolishness to God
Si18. Cross/resurrection is foolish to the world

Si19. People deceive others
Si20. Some people deceive themselves
Si21. People themselves have broken cisterns

Si22. People are enslaved by sin / lust / the devil
Si23. Kept from the wise and given to babes
Si24. Don't be double-minded / double-hearted
Si25. [Many] Jews rejected Jesus as the Messiah


S1. O.T. pointed to salvation in Christ in New
S2. Salvation is a gift of God's grace

S3. Jesus' death paid for our sins

S4. Saved by Jesus' blood or dying for us
S5. Even Jews who reject Jesus will perish
S6. Believers are God's elect
S7. The reprobate (non-elect) will be lost
S8. Some elect died before knowing Savior
S9. Some follow Christ for a time, yet perish
S10. Not saved if living in sin
S11. Adoption as sons of God
S12. We need to have faith

S13. Live by faith
S14. We are like God's chickens
S15. Shipwrecked faith/salvation

S16. Confidence or assurance of salvation
S17. Hope in God or Christ
S18. Our faith is precious
S19. God's great, glorious, precious promises
S20. Mystery of the Lord/faith
S21. Be born again

S22. The precious blood of Christ

S23. Heirs of salvation / Christ / the Lord
S24. God has called us
S25. Predestined or Predestination
S26. God can raise Abraham's kids from stones
S27. Jesus bestowed remission of sins

S28. Many are called but few are chosen
S29. Narrow is the gate to life
S30. No way of salvation apart from Christ
S31. Salvation/church for all kinds of people


E1. The Antichrist will come -after 125 A.D.
E2. Heresies & persecution before Antichrist or Christ's return
E3. Before this will be many lesser antichrists
E4. Jesus will return in glory -after 125 A.D.
E5. Rapture of believers
E6. Resurrection of believers / all

E7. Christ will judge all / quick and dead

E8. Believers will judge the world or angels
E9. Believers are sons of God
E10. Believers will reign with Christ
E11. Jesus returns in [literal] clouds
E12. The Tree of Life
E13. Fulfillment of the Cosmos has come to us
E14. The End times tribulation
E15. Every knee will bow to Jesus

E16. Moon will turn to blood
E17. Abomination that causes desolation

E18. God's future temple on earth/in Jerusalem
E19. Christ's coming like the days of Noah
E20. Meeting the Lord in the clouds
E21. The endtime [sound of the] trumpet


R1. Seven churches in Revelation
R2. Two witnesses come before Christ returns
R3. The Book of Book of Life / the Living
R4. The Beast or his mark
R5. The Millennium or the 1,000 years
R6. Devil and followers cast in Lake of Fire
R7. Heavenly (24) elders in Revelation
R8. Woman Babylon in Revelation
R9. Two-edged sword out of Christ's mouth
R10. Souls under the altar [in Revelation]
R11 John was exiled to Patmos
R12. Jesus rides the white horse in Rev 19:11-16
R13. The Second Death in Rev 2:11; 20:6,14
R14. Only Christ worthy to open the scroll


U1. The Kingdom of God

U2. Inheriting the Kingdom of God
U3. Description of God's throne
U4. Reincarnation (transmigration) is wrong
U5. Believers who die are with God forever
U6. Believers have rewards in Heaven
U7. All who die rejecting Jesus go to Hell
U8. Unquenchable/eternal fire
U9. The worm of the lost does not die
U10. Church/believers are Christ's bride
U11. Paul went up to the third heaven
U12. Some lost have more severe judgment
U13. Believers have crowns
U14. Those who die are with Christ
U15. We will put on incorruption
U16. The earth shall pass away
U17. Abraham's bosom
U18. Flesh & blood not inherit God's kingdom
U19. The wedding banquet
U20. New Heaven and New earth
U21. New/heavenly Jerusalem

U22. Outer Darkness
U23. Gates of Hell/Death/Hades
U24. Entering the Kingdom of God
U25. Many mansions in heaven


Ua1. Angels are servants of God
Ua2. Holy angel(s)
Ua3. The heavenly host
Ua4. The archangel Michael
Ua5. The angel Gabriel
Ua6. Four Living Creatures / Seraphim
Ua7. Cherubim
Ua8. Guardian angels
Ua9. Angelic / Heavenly powers
Ua10. Angels worship/praise God/Jesus
Ua11. Angels rejoice
Ua12. Angelic hymns / choir(s)
Ua13. Angels visit shepherds at Christ's birth
Ua14. Angels announce/preach the gospel
Ua15. An angel spoke with Cornelius

Ua16. Gabriel appeared to Mary
Ua17. Kids' angels see the face of the Father


Ud1. Satan / the Devil / Lucifer
Ud2. Satan/demons fell from heaven
Ud3. Satan deceives
Ud4. Serpent beguiled Eve
Ud5. Satan is a serpent
Ud6. The Serpent was cursed at the fall
Ud7. Enmity between serpent and Eve's seed
Ud8. Satan is a dragon
Ud9. The prince of this world/air is evil/Satan
Ud10. Satan, a murderer from the beginning
Ud11. Satan looks like an angel of light
Ud12. Wiles/Craftiness of the devil
Ud13. Demons
Ud14. Power/principalities of darkness
Ud15. Demons are worshipped by pagans
Ud16. Demons deceive / delude people
Ud17. Devil/demons tempt people
Ud18. Demons vex/cause harm to people
Ud19. Demons tremble at/fear Christ
Ud20. Demons subject to Christ

Ud21. Satan can have lying wonders
Ud23. Beelzebub/Baalzebub

Ud24. Satan sought to sift Peter as wheat
Ud26. The Devil/Satan is a personal being

Ud27. There are doctrines of demons/devils
Ud28. [Demons are] unclean spirits
Ud29. The devil had envy / jealousy

Ud30. Satan is called Lucifer
Ud30. Some cast into the eternal fire for the devil and his angels


Pat1. Adam and/or Eve
Pat2. Cain murdered his brother/Abel
Pat3. Seth [son of Adam and Eve]
Pat4. Enoch

Pat5. Noah got drunk
Pat6. Ham [son of Noah]

Pat7. Shem [son of Noah]
Pat8. Japheth [son of Noah]

Pat9. Canaan [son of Ham]
Pat10. Job and is sufferings/patience
Pat11. Abraham, friend of God
Pat12. Sarai / Sarah
Pat13. Lot or his wife

Pat14. Hagar
Pat15. Ishmael
Pat16. Isaac
Pat17. Abraham offered Isaac as a sacrifice

Pat18. Rebecca [wife of Isaac]
Pat19. Laban [Jacob's father-in-law]
Pat20. Jacob
Pat21. Rachel [wife of Jacob]
Pat22. Leah [wife of Jacob]
Pat23. Esau
Pat24. Joseph or his brothers

Pat25. Benjamin
Pat26. Dan (patriarch or tribe)
Pat27. Ephraim (patriarch or tribe)
Pat28. Judah (patriarch or tribe)
Pat29. Levi (patriarch or tribe)
Pat30. Manasseh (patriarch or tribe)

Pat31. Naphtali (patriarch or tribe)
Pat32. Zebulun/Zebulon
Pat33. The patriarchs

Pat34. The twelve tribes [of Israel]
Pat35. Lamech
Pat36. Caleb [son of Jephunneh]
Pat37. Gad (patriarch or tribe)


ES1. Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt
ES2. Miriam
ES3. Aaron, brother of Moses
ES4. Pharaoh during the Exodus

ES5. Korah
ES6. Balaam or his donkey
ES7. Joshua conquered Canaan

ES8. Rahab of Jericho
ES9. Jephthah [the judge]
ES10. Gideon
ES11. Samson

ES12. Eli [mentor of Samuel]
ES13. Samuel
ES14. Saul [son of Kish]
ES15. David was godly (except adultery)
ES16. [King] Saul persecuted David
ES17. Nathan [the prophet]

ES18. Tamar / Thamar
ES19. Uriah [the Hittite]
ES20. King Solomon was wise

ES21. Hannah [mother of Samuel]
ES22. Jesse [father of David]

ES23. Dathan and Abiram
ES24. ? Hiram [King of Tyre]
ES25. Deborah [godly judge]


DK1. Jeroboam
DK2. Ahab
DK3. Elijah was a godly prophet
DK4. Hezekiah [the godly king]
DK5. Elisha
DK6. Naaman [the Syrian leper]

DK7. Jonah in the fish or warned Ninevites
DK8. Sennacherib
DK9. Josiah the godly king

DK10. Jeconiah/Jechoniah
DK11. Nebuchadnezzar [King of Babylon]
DK12. Zedekiah
DK13. Ezekiel
DK14. Daniel
DK15. The 3 youths in Daniel
DK16. Cyrus [King of Persia]
DK17. Darius [King of Persia]

DK18. Artaxerxes [King of Persia]
DK19. Ezra the scribe/prophet
DK20. Zerubbabel

DK21. Joshua the high priest (in Zechariah)
DK22. Antiochus [Epiphanes] of Syria
DK23. Rehoboam
DK24. The prophets are holy


Go1. Mary mother of Jesus was blessed
Go2. Elizabeth [mother of John the Baptist]
Go3. Zechariah, husband of Elizabeth
Go4. John the Baptist leapt in Elizabeth's womb
Go5. Shepherds at Jesus' birth
Go6. The Magi came to Christ
Go7. Simeon [at Jesus' dedication]

Go8. Anna [at Jesus' dedication]
Go9. Herod's slaughter in Bethlehem
Go10. John the Baptist was a godly forerunner
Go11. Andrew the disciple/apostle
Go12. Peter the disciple/apostle
Go13. Philip the disciple/apostle
Go14. Thomas the disciple/apostle

Go15. James son of Zebedee, the disciple/apostle
Go16. [Samaritan] woman at the well
Go17. Mary Magdalene
Go18. Jesus' seventy disciples
Go19. Martha
Go20. Zacchaeus
Go21. Judas betrayed Jesus
Go22. The High Priest Caiaphas tried Jesus
Go23. Herod tried Jesus
Go24. Pontius Pilate sentenced Jesus
Go25. Barabbas
Go26. John the Baptist was beheaded

Go27. Annas the former high priest
Go28. Peter was in Rome
Go29. JOhn the Baptist ate locusts and wild honey


N1. Matthias
N2. James the Lord's brother was godly
N3. The Ethiopian eunuch
N4. Stephen the martyr
N5. Cornelius the centurion who was saved
N6. Saul of Tarsus persecuted the church
N7. Paul was a godly apostle

N8. Barnabas, companion of Paul
N9. Silas, companion of Paul

N10. Apollos
N11. Paul was in prison/bonds
N12. Paul was persecuted besides prison
N13. Timothy the individual (not just the book)
N14. James [the disciple] was beheaded/slain


X1. God/Christ lives inside of Christians
X2. Our bodies are God's temple/temples

X3. Christians escape corruption
X4. Believers are set free
X5. God renews us
X6. We are children of light
X7. God strengthens us
X8. We are friends of Christ
X9. Pure in heart will see God
X10. None shall separate us from God's love

X11. The Lord disciplines or corrects us
X13. Please the Lord
X14. Glory in the Lord

X15. Seek wisdom from God or His word
X16. Be peaceful, kind, or good
X17. Be strong / strengthened
X18. God's people mourn

X19. Fear/reverence of the Lord/God
X20. We adore/glory in the cross
X21. God's holy people
X22. Speaking of shame

X23. Put unrighteousness/adversary to shame
X24. Do not be ashamed of the cross/Christ
X25. Flesh and spirit war against each other
X26. The peace of God
X27. Blessed are the poor in spirit
X28. There is sin unto death


Pr1. Prayer to God is important

Pr2. Pray to the Father
Pr3. Pray to Jesus
Pr4. Pray at all times or in any place

Pr5. Pray daily
Pr6. Praise God
Pr7. Thankfulness/gratitude to God
Pr8. Confess to God

Pr9. Forgive us as we forgive others
Pr10. Not into temptation
Pr11. Deliver us from evil
Pr12. The Lord's Prayer
Pr13. Lift up hands to God
Pr14. Bless or pray for your persecutors
Pr15. Pray for rulers and those in authority

Pr16. Incense of the prayers of the saints
Pr17. Pray that God's kingdom come
Pr18. Pray in secret

Pr19. Pray for God's mercy for us
Pr20. Fasting to God is good
Pr21. Pray in secret

Pr22. Pray together

Pr23. Persist/persevere in prayer


n1. We need to repent and come to God

n2. Love God
n3. Obey God
n4. Follow Jesus, or His example

n5. Bear/Take up the cross, and follow Christ
n6. Struggle to live a victorious life
n7. Put on the armor of God/righteousness
n8. Faithful Christians still get sick
n9. Suffer persecution or martyrdom
n10. No sorcery, witchcraft, or magic

n11. Exorcism or casting out devils
n12. Live a worthy life
n13. Mortify earthly nature/deeds of the body

n14. Be clothed with/in Christ
n15. You cannot serve two masters
n16. Martyrs are blessed
n17. Losing your life and finding it
n18. Believers are servants of God
n19. We must persevere

n20. We are the light of the world
n21. We wrestle against the devil or sin
n22. Keep away from works of darkness

n23. We are aliens awaiting our eternal home
n24. Don't be bitter

n25. Believers are transformed [now]
n26. The Kingdom of God is within you

n27. Walk in newness of life
n28. Some are worthy of martyrdom
n29. Trust God


I1. Do not worship other gods

I2. Stars have no influence on people
I3. Have patience
I4. Don't let the sun go down on your anger
I5. Do not make/invent any idols
I7. Do not get drunk
I8. Eating meat is fine
I9. Do not be a glutton or slave of your belly
I10. Vanity, or avoid vain things

I11. Virtue of prudence
I12. Do not provoke God
I13. Work hard, don't be lazy
I14. Be godly

I15. Be gentle or meek
I16. Eating meats forbidden to Jews OK
I17. Depart from evil
I18. Worship God in spirit and truth
I19. Keep the commandments of Christ/God
I20. It's bad to be a hypocrite
I21. Do not worship any images or idols

I22. Rule of faith / truth
I23. Submit to God
I24. Have self-control


Sp1. Have pure speech
Sp2. Forsake lies

Sp3. Do not be a gossip or chatterer
Sp4. Don't use flattery (on others)
Sp5. Slandering people is bad

Sp6. Confess your sins to others
Sp7. If we deny Christ He will deny us
Sp8. Don't swear false oaths / falsely
Sp9. Don't boast about yourself
Sp10. Don't be a reviler
Sp11. Bless those who revile/curse you
Sp12. No filthy talk
Sp13. Do not murmur
Sp13. do not swear oaths


L1. Love all / your neighbor as yourself

L2. Forgive others/enemies
L3. Do not get revenge
L5. Do to others as you would them do to you
L6. Do not murder

L7. Abortion is evil/murder
L8. Care for the sick
L9. Practice hospitality

L10. Love covers a multitude of sins
L11. Show mercy to others

L13. Should be peacemakers or seek peace
L14. Cruelty is bad
L15. Visit those in prison
L16. Do not hold a grudge
L17. Love your enemies
L18. Clothe the naked
L19. Turn the other cheek
L20. Must not poison others


Mo1. Do not love money
Mo2. No stealing or financial dishonesty
Mo3. Help the poor
Mo4. Help widows

Mo5. Heavenly treasure; don't fear earthly loss
Mo6. Do not envy or be jealous

Mo7. Do not covet
Mo8. Be humble or not proud

Mo9. Be content with what you have
Mo10. We rejoice when afflicted
Mo11. We rejoice ' besides being afflicted

Mo12. No selfish ambition
Mo13. No bribes
Mo14. No usury / lending to needy with interest
Mo15. Don't be wise in your own eyes/conceit
Mo16. Cannot serve both God and Mammon
Mo17. Love of money root of all evils
Mo18. Strive for godliness, not gain
Mo19. Lazarus and the rich man

Mo20. Offering money/possessions to God
Mo21. God's house not to be a den of robbers
Mo22. Blessed are the poor
Mo23. Give in secret
Mo24. No rivalry
Mo25. No strife / striving in the flesh

Mo26. Don't worry about tomorrow/lilies of the field
Mo27. Help orphans / fatherless

Mo28. Feed the hungry


Ca1. Christians met together on Sunday

Ca2. Sing hymns to God, the Father, or Jesus
Ca3. Practice water baptism
Ca4. Observe the Lord's Supper

Ca5. No more animal or blood sacrifices
Ca6. No need to celebrate the Sabbath (except can fast)
Ca7. Learn from prior church writers/councils

Ca8. Cheer up/encourage other believers
Ca9. Correct other believers
Ca10. Calling ourselves Christians
Ca11. Mention of Easter/Pascha[l]

Ca12. Calling the Lord's Supper the Eucharist
Ca13. Shun alleged believers persisting in sin
Ca14. The Church is the body of Christ
Ca15. Footwashing
Ca16. Baptize in the name of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Ca17. We are the flock of Christ
Ca18. Musical choir
Ca19. Church(es) of God
Ca20. Church(es) of Christ
Ca21. Holy church(es)


C1. Obey authority of godly church leaders
C2. The Church/Christians should have unity
C3. Excommunicate or separate from heretics
C4. Bishop(s)
C5. Church leaders should accept each other
C6. Reject unchristian church leader authority
C7. Remove leaders fallen in gross sin/heresy
C8. Concept of one universal church
C9. Churches should greet other churches
C10. Tradition of the apostles or the church

C11. Ordination [of bishops]
C12. Priesthood of all believers
C13. Christ the head of the church

C14. Church leaders are shepherds
C15. The episcopate [office of bishop]
C16. Elders/presbyters
C17. Deacons

C18. Sub-deacons
C19. Catechumens
C20. Must be worthy of being a bishop/priest

C21. Priests [in the church]


fm1. Honor marriage, no extra-marital relations

fm2. No divorce, except for unfaithfulness
fm3. We should be pure

fm4. Do not watch violent or lewd shows
fm5. No homosexuality

fm6. We should honor our parents

fm7. Cherish and nurture our family
fm8. Having kids is fine within marriage
fm9. Celibacy is better than marriage

fm10. Remarriage OK after death of spouse
fm11. No incestual relations
fm12. Do not love family more than Jesus
fm13. Do not kill/expose infants
fm14. Two become one flesh

fm15. Do not lust (sexually)

fm16. We should be modest
fm17. Train your kids in the Lord
fm18. Eve was Adam's bone and flesh
fm19. No gladiators
fm20. Don't betray others in family


Gv1. Honor the king or government
Gv2. Obey government [when not against God]
Gv3. Do not aid in persecuting Christians

Gv4. Pay taxes
Gv5. Citizens of Heaven

Gv6. Christians should not be in lawsuits
Gv7. Officials ought to be just
Gv8. Disobey or change unjust laws
Gv9. Providence, or God governing the world
Gv10. Christ is king, or kingdom of Christ
Gv11. The Kingdom of heaven


k1. Preach the gospel to others
k2. Bold proclamation of truth
k3. Quoting God's word to unbelievers

k4. Sharing personal testimonies
k5. Creative allegories or metaphors

k6. Quoting poetry to share truth
k7. Promises of heaven or God's love

k8. Threats of Hell or God's wrath
k9. Mortal life is fleeting/short
k10. Martyrs blood is a testimony
k11. Use of Catena of 3 or more verses

k13. The cross / Christ a stumbling block to Jews
k14. Christ or us speaking in parables
k15. Parable of the sheep and the goats
k16. Parable of the prodigal son

k17. Parable of the wheat and tares
k18. Faith/kingdom of Heaven as a mustard seed
k19. Parable of the persistent/importune widow
k20. Parable of the fig tree
k21. Parable of the good Samaritan
k22. Parable of the lost sheep
k23. Parable of the lost coin
k24. We want non-believers to get saved


Ap1. Answering questions of others
Ap2. Answering alleged contradictions
Ap3. Answering false moral accusations
Ap4. Using questions
Ap5. Nature witnesses to God
Ap6. Appeal to science
Ap7. First Cause (cosmological argument)

Ap8. Only One is supreme
Ap9. Appeal to historians

Ap10. Using chronology in apologetics
Ap11. Moses is older than Homer


Po1. Be on guard against error
Po2. Debate and argument in witnessing
Po3. Showing misconceptions/contradictions
Po4. Morality vs. evil in other religions

Po5. Do not judge/condemn others
Po6. Do not throw pearls before swine
Po7. Don't give what is holy to the dogs
Po8. Beware of wolves/false prophets
Po9. Calling other beliefs delusion(s)
Po10. Humor or wit in witnessing
Po11. Harsh rebuke in witnessing
Po12. Calling people names
Po13. Ridicule or sarcasm

Po14. Calling other beliefs fables
Po15. Calling other beliefs superstitions

Po16. Calling false teaching / heresy poison


Gn1. The Creator is good

Gn2. Do not call matter evil
Gn3. Avoid Docetic belief ' not suffer in flesh

Gn4. Against Cerinthus
Gn5. Against the Nicolaitans
Gn6. Simon Magus and his heresy
Gn7. Against Carpocrates (from Simon)

Gn8. Against Gnostic Menander, Simon Magus' Disciple
Gn9. Against Marcion
Gn10. Dispute Against Valentinian Gnostics

Gn11. Against the Valentinian Gnostic Heracleon
Gn12. Dispute Against Sephtian/Ophite Gnostics
Gn13. Against the Gnostic heretic Apelles
Gn14. Dispute Against Encratite Gnostics

Gn16. Against the Encratite Saturninus/Saturnilus
Gn17. Dispute Against Other Gnostics

Gn18. The [Gnostic] Demiurge is False
Gn19. The [Gnostic] Ogdoad is False
Gn20. The [Gnostic] Pleroma is False


Pg1. Speaking against human sacrifice
Pg2. Dispute against the Magi/Zoroastrians

Pg3. Against Mithras / a sun-god
Pg4. Dispute Druid or other European myths
Pg5. Dispute against Indian Bra[c]hmans
Pg6. Dispute Chaldean/Babylonian religion

Pg7. Dispute Egyptian religion
Pg8. Against the religion of Scythians

Pg9. Against Syrian religion
Pg10. Against Arabian religion

Pg11. Against the [Phrygian] Great Mother
Pg12. Dispute against Greco-Roman paganism
Pg13. Pointing out adulteries of Greek gods
Pg14. Incest of Zeus/Jupiter

Pg15. Apologetic use of Jupiter's tomb
Pg16. Thyestean [Cannibalistic] banquet
Pg17. Mention of Oedipus
Pg18. Cannibalism of Kronos/Saturn

Pg19. Bloodthirsty Mars, pest/bane of mortals
Pg20. Against Bacchus


Or1. Religion can be bad
Or2. No mixing Christ and other religions
Or3. Dispute against Judaism
Or4. Errors of the Pharisees
Or5. Errors of the Sadducees

Or6. Sadducees wrong to deny the resurrection
Or7. Dispute against Sabellian Oneness

Or8. Against the Ebionites
Or9. No Spiritism or the Occult


Ph1. Dispute philosophy that denies one God

Ph2. Apologetic use of Plato's Timaeus
Ph3. Against Pythagoras
Ph4. Errors of Aristotle
Ph5. Against Stoics
Ph6. Dispute Against Epicureans

Ph7. Against Cynic Philosophy
Ph8. Against Pyrrho the philosopher
Ph9. Socrates even said he had a demon
Ph10. We are not ruled by fate
Ph11. Chrysippus [the Stoic] was wrong on some points


m1. God is timeless or before/ beyond time
m2. Jesus appeared on earth prior to His birth

m3. Mention of the laity / clergy

m4. The church can be called the city of God
m5. People have free will / choice

m6. Babylon refers to Rome
m7. There are greater/mortal & lesser sins

m8. Christians can lose their salvation

m9. God knows all things in the future

m10. Jesus preached to the dead

m11. Religion is/can be good
m12. Drinking wine is OK

m13. No food sacrified to idols
m14. Christ died for all people


d1. Miracle healings in post-Acts church
d2. Seventy Septuagint translators
d3. God is not composite
d4. God is impassible (without passion)

d5. Some fallen angels sinned with women
d6. Against jewelry or false/dyed hair
d7. Christians must fast on certain days

d8. No drinking or eating blood
d9. No worshipping true God with images

d10. Prophets proclaimed 2 advents of Christ
d11. Prophesy in the church after Acts
d12. Number of nations according to angels
d14. Tread on serpents and scorpions
d15. God is ineffable or indescribable

d16. The angel Raphael
d17. People can have a worthiness related to salvation

d18. Tobias
d19. Susannah
d20. Multiple archangels
d21. Wisdom in Prov 8 refers to the Word of God


er1. Incorrect references to Bible verses
er2. Misquoted or unknown Bible verses
er3. Over-allegorical Bible interpretation
er4. Four elements make up the world.

er5. Atoms do not really exist

er6. Errors on hyena, phoenix, or other animals
er7. Errors on geography or tribes
er8. Collective guilt of the Jews
er9. Errors on people
er10. Other errors on science


by Steven M. Morrison, PhD.